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Academic-MembershipSupply Chain News: Ideas for Reducing Transport Costs given Rising Fuel Prices By Dan Gilmore – Editor-in-Chief May 12 , 2011 Well, oil futures have recently “plummeted” to a mere $98 per barrel or so, a level that as I noted a couple of months ago that seemed like the end of the world less than five years ago. Now we complain but take it pretty much in stride. Though some are predicting will reach $150 or so again before too long, and others citing even higher figures over the coming years, I am not so sure about that. First, in the US at least, $4.00 per gallon of gasoline does seem to be some sort of upward bound that leads to changing consumer behavior and thus demand destruction that acts as a

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The Power of Value Nets

scap_logoA computer over the Internet, you have already been in contact with this model. It links increasingly stringent customer requirements to flexible and cost-effective manufacturing. It uses digital information to move products rapidly, bypassing costly distribution layers. It adapts to constant change. This new model, which is replacing the traditional supply chain business design, is the value net.



scap_logoIf your company is like most, substantial profits are locked away where you would least expect to find them — in those activities commonly called the supply chain. Whether your company is a young dot-com company or a seasoned incumbent, enormous new value can be found and unlocked in the operating end of the business — how you handle orders, source components, build products and get them to customers.



scap_logoIf you manage or own a struggling small- or mid-size business, you know how hard it is to stay afloat and turn things around when the going gets tough. You are not alone. The risk for failing seems to be greater with every passing year. According to the Small Business Administration, business failures rose an incredible 16.6 percent from 1986 to 1996. And business bankruptcies rose 5.3 percent during 1996 alone.


A Guide to Implementing a World-Class Cycle Counting Program

The implementation of comprehensive cycle counting solutions can result in operational efficiency gains of anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. The opportunity to increase sales through improved service levels while potentially reducing inventory levels in the DC is a real benefit, making cycle counting an appealing best practice.


While the economic slowdown

scap_logoWhile the economic slowdown has clearly caused most companies to be more cautious with investments, overall there is a significant amount of interest in automated case picking systems, according to new research from Supply Chain Digest and Distribution Digest.


The Triple-A Supply Chain

scap_logoThe holy grails of supply chain management are high speed and low cost–or are they? Though necessary, they aren’t sufficient to give companies a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals. Consider these disturbing statistics: Though U.S. supply chains became significantly faster and cheaper between 1980 and 2000, product markdowns owing to excess inventory jumped from 10% to 30% of total units sold–while customer satisfaction with product availability plummeted.